Windows7 & Outlook add-in

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  • Windows7 & Outlook add-in
    Posted: 07-07-2010, 5:16 PM



    Does the outlook add-in support Windows7?

  • Re: Windows7 & Outlook add-in
    Posted: 07-07-2010, 6:09 PM

    Hi Solar-D,

    Yes, Win7 is supported. However, you need to disable UAC for the auto-open recall to function properly. You also need to ensure you use a command prompt with elevated privilege (right-click command prompt and select "run as administrator" if you are going to install the MSI manually from command line. C:\Exchange_DM_Client.msi /qn 

    Tom A

  • Re: Windows7 & Outlook add-in
    Posted: 07-08-2010, 4:18 PM

    Thank you. I will give it a try.

  • Re: Windows7 & Outlook add-in
    Posted: 07-23-2010, 11:21 AM

    Has anyone had success installing the new 64Bit plugin on WIndows 7 running Office 2010 ?  The installer doesn't seem to want to run. 

    If I run the msi with the /qn switch on it, I see the msiexec.exe start in task manager however the qinstaller.exe that would normally run during the installation with the 32bit version doesn't seem to run.

    I normally have the commcell console installed on my workstation as well, and I know that the plugin needs to be the first instance (learnt this the hard way as if you leave the console configured the system blue screened), so I uninstalled the console from the system.

    We are running commvault 8 with sp4.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

  • Re: Windows7 & Outlook add-in
    Posted: 07-23-2010, 11:25 AM

    Have you tried the suggestion given by Tom A in a previous post ?

    Wearer of Many Hats
  • Re: Windows7 & Outlook add-in
    Posted: 07-23-2010, 11:27 AM


    yeah the installer is being launched from a command prompt with elevated priviledges, and UAC is disabled, however I still have no qinstaller.exe running.  Also I have noticed that the instructions associated with the x64 installer that was released a couple of days ago do not seem to list WIndows 7 as a supported platform, so I wonder if there is a problem with the OS.

  • Re: Windows7 & Outlook add-in
    Posted: 07-23-2010, 11:31 AM

    I am not sure which instructions you are referring to, but we support all windows platforms including Windows 7 for Outlook Add-In.


    Can you please take a look at the Windows Application Event log and see if there are any errors from MSIInstaller that you can provide ?


    Also, since you previously had the commcell console installed can you please confirm that the folder "C:\Program Files\Commvault\Simpana" does not exist ?

    Wearer of Many Hats
  • Re: Windows7 & Outlook add-in
    Posted: 07-23-2010, 11:38 AM

    The instructions I am referring to are the ones on the PDF that is supplied with the x64 installer.

    After the uninstall of the commcell I had restarted and I had deleted the folder installation.  Also I have checked the eventvwr and the error that comes up is as follows:

    Product: CommVault DataArchiver Outlook Add-In (Instance001) -- Error 1721. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. Action: QInstallerSilentModeUpgrade, location: C:\Program Files\CommVault\Simpana\Base\, command: "C:\Program Files\CommVault\Simpana\Base\QInstaller.exe" /s /CalledFromExchangeDMClientMSIPostFileCopy /ProductCodeGUID {0F895671-8DE9-11DF-AF37-001EC9D7C302} /OEM_ID 1 /inst Instance001 /UpgradingProductCodeGUID {95A43049-32F0-11DF-8AF4-001EC9D7C302}

    As far as I recall from previous version of the plugin (running in 32bit) the requirements for it were the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2005 or 2008 (both of which are installed on the system) as well .Net 2.0 which is already installed on Windows 7. Are there other prerequisits that I am overlooking ?

  • Re: Windows7 & Outlook add-in
    Posted: 07-23-2010, 11:57 AM

    the 8.0 Add-In package no longer has a requirement of pre-installing the Visual C++ Redistributable.  That said, having it preinstalled anyway should not make any difference. .Net is only a requirement if you are planning on using ConnectOverHTTP mode (DMProxy)

    Did you have an older version of the Add-In package installed previously ? It looks like it is trying to run an upgrade which is a bad thing considering there is no upgrade path to this x64 addin package. 

    Also, if you could attach the GalaxyInstallerLog.log and Exchange_DM_ClientInstance001.txt from your client ?

    They should be located in C:\ProgramData\Commvault SYstems\Galaxy\LogFiles

    I will have to review the logs to see what went wrong.

    Wearer of Many Hats
  • Re: Windows7 & Outlook add-in
    Posted: 07-23-2010, 2:19 PM

    Ok ... managed to solve the problem.  I used the MSI Utility cleanup tool from microsoft (good thing I still had a copy of it as it is no longer available from the MS website) and noticed that there was an entry for the plugin still listed (possibly from the first failed attempt).  After removal the installer went through successfully. 

    Now I have reinstalled the console as well, and I am in the process of installing SP4 (which seems to be failing on patch 14005 but that's a problem for a differnet thread I suppose :-)

  • Re: Windows7 & Outlook add-in
    Posted: 07-23-2010, 2:22 PM

    did you reinstall the commcell console on Instance001 ?

    Wearer of Many Hats
  • Re: Windows7 & Outlook add-in
    Posted: 07-23-2010, 3:04 PM

    It did reinstall on Instance001 but there is really no way to change it as far as I can see. 

  • Re: Windows7 & Outlook add-in
    Posted: 07-23-2010, 3:11 PM

    This is the reason that Outlook Add-In is not supported on the same isntance as any other agent in 8.0 release. There are some update dependencies between Outlook Add-In and Commcell Console, however the service pack install does not take into consideration that Outlook Add-In may be installed on the same instance which will cause update install failures.

    Uninstall Commcell Console from Instance001.  To be completely safe you may want to reinstall Outlook Add-In to instance001 as well just to confirm that the registry and all files are intact.

    Create a new registry key under


    with the following values:

    Type: DWORD

    name: bAllowMultiInstances

    Value: 1

    the reinstall Commcell Console.  You should be prompted to install it on a second instance.  Follow that install path and then you will have Outlook Add-In on Instance001 and Commcell Console on Instance002. You can then install the Service Pack on Instance002.

    Let me know if this solves your issue of if you have more questions.

    Wearer of Many Hats
  • Re: Windows7 & Outlook add-in
    Posted: 07-23-2010, 3:40 PM

    I think there is something wrong with my configuration, after having created the registry key I uninstalled both the outlook add-in as well as the console as per your instructions, and now the addin is not installing again.  This time it doesn't appear in the msi utility cleanup tool though so I can't even bypass it that way.


    The eventvwr shows the following:


    Product: CommVault DataArchiver Outlook Add-In (Instance001) -- Error 1402. Could not open key: UNKNOWN\Components\BEF030A25B92B413795BDE8376C38C58\176598F09ED8FD11FA7300E19C7D3C20.  System error 5.  Verify that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support personnel.


    I have am looking for the key now to check security permissions, although it seems strange that the permissions would have changed.

  • Re: Windows7 & Outlook add-in
    Posted: 07-23-2010, 3:56 PM

    Did you reboot after uninstalling the package?  We have seen sometimes that the MSI installer temp files are not cleaned up after install by Windows so reinstalls will fail. This especially happens in cases where several install/uninstall operations are done in sequence without reboots

    Wearer of Many Hats
  • Re: Windows7 & Outlook add-in
    Posted: 07-23-2010, 3:59 PM

    Yeah I have restarted the system and then attempted the install again.  When that didn't work I checked the registry for anything left from the outlook add-in and all entries for it were removed.

  • Re: Windows7 & Outlook add-in
    Posted: 07-23-2010, 4:11 PM

    some googling has found results saying that in some cases MSI Installer will fail with errors like this when it doesn't have permission on the registry.  The logged in user (you) may have access, but the isntaller process may not.   Can you try to set full access permission on the registry key in the error and restart the install to see if it helps ?  Of course, the fact that the key path is "UNKNOWN" would seem to be another issue

    an alternative would be to try on another machine to make sure it is in a clean state.

    Wearer of Many Hats
  • Re: Windows7 & Outlook add-in
    Posted: 07-23-2010, 4:47 PM

    As expected the install was ok on a separate unit, so I had to figure out a way to install it on my system as I need both the archiver as well as the console running.  Good thing Windows 7 supports system restore.  I went back to a configuration from this morning, uninstalled everything again, and entered they proper registry key as you suggested and now everything is working fine.

    Thanks for all your help

  • Re: Windows7 & Outlook add-in
    Posted: 07-23-2010, 7:32 PM

    Glad it worked out.

    Wearer of Many Hats
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