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  • Bugvault
    Posted: 10-18-2011, 10:51 PM

    Does Commvault have a QA team? The amount of bugs that have been released in V9 just gives me the Sh!&s.

    It's not always major bugs, but small things like currently the latest software DVD's with SP3 wont install correctly off a UNC path. What should be a 15 minute task to setup something always ends up taking much more time than it should. I spend more time fixing stupid buggy commvault issues than actually doing something more useful with the Commvault software!

    I know you guys want to be #1 against your competitors, but it seems this rush to get the product out leaves customers wasting time on issues we should not have to deal with!

  • Re: Bugvault
    Posted: 10-19-2011, 11:13 AM

    Hi Rob,

    I appreciate your feedback and thank you for taking the time out to post this message.

    In particular to the issue with ServicePack install, I had a chance to research your open case with support to investigate what was taking place to see how I can help. I see that you've come across an error "Failed to install patch #XXXX".

    The error is an intended stoppage and prevents our product from binary mismatch which if not checked would cause serious problems with application behavior. I contacted your assigned engineer and made sure he had next steps figured out to assist you, checking recent case notes it reads that you're making progress.

    From that perspective the long term remedy is to have the software, take that next step that is current performed as a manual effort - where Simpana will heal its registry/binaries on its own and not leave you in a stuck state.

    To answer your first question we have a large Product Test and Certification team which are some of the hardest working individuals in CommVault. My support organization works closely with that team to report on what we're seeing from a customer perspective, assist with building out test cases and both teams operate in a dynamic environment to stay on top of a fast growing IT landscape.

    We definitely don't want you to spend more time fixing Simpana and rather you were enjoying its features than troubleshooting. I see that you have other incidents open and I have contacted the local support director to your area for coverage on those cases. The support folks will help to speed up your outstanding issues hindering use of Simpana and assist with any other items you may need.

    Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist - you can contact me at sconnington@commvault.com


  • Re: Bugvault
    Posted: 10-19-2011, 7:07 PM

    Stephen thanks for getting in contact and helping getting yesterdays issues sorted.

    As far as Commvault as product support is concerned most issues are resolved, and within reasonable time. We like to have strong fast support from all our vendors, this can be deal breaker if things slide. So keep this up!

    Reliability of the product has come into question, not just my view, but from others within our organisation where we've tried to implement Simpana as part of the backup strategy however not getting results we would like. We need to convince some departments that would be affected by Simpanas mishaps to have trust in product. Notably our DBA team. Email archival is part of our strategy, however any downtime or performance issues associated with fixing Simpana makes me nervous implementing this.

    As discussed yesterday these are things that are being addressed, which is reassuring.

  • Re: Bugvault
    Posted: 10-19-2011, 8:38 PM


    Glad to hear that our local support team was able to assist with the problems that are occurring now. Stabilizing the application and ensuring data protection jobs are working is our number 1 priority and we will continue to provide fast, knowledgeable support for many years to come. Laughing

    I would like to do what I can for you on the reliability concern your raised and I understand that changing perception starts with results, not just conversation.

    May I ask what database agent you were having issues using?

     If you think there is an opportunity to convince those other organizational units within your company that Simpana is a good fit for them I will be at your service to line up the appropriate commvault folks to help work through these concerns. If those questions fall outside the scope of support/technical arena I will also track down your account rep as needed to cover topics I can't answer.

    As far as email archiver, there are two excellent resources that handle almost 100% of exchange questions that happen on this forum, namely Patrick Dalton and Sreents. If you want to create a post with your questions and think it will benefit the community please go ahead and spin one up. If those questions are in need of an offline conversation - please send them over to me at sconnington@commvault.com and I will have those addressed for you.

    Again, sorry to hear there has been some difficulties with Simpana taking place at your site and I appreciate you to allow me to assist where I can to help turn things around.

  • Re: Bugvault
    Posted: 10-20-2011, 12:09 AM

    Just to chuck in my 2 cents worth. The problem you were describing with the installation issue with the SP. I think i have come across the same issue with our environment. The work around for me was to use the June cut of the DVD that already included the SP that was failing to install. It might a completly different issue but thought i would throw this in just in case.

  • Re: Bugvault
    Posted: 10-20-2011, 1:13 AM

    The DB agent we have had the most problems with is the Informix DB agent. It has been a long running case that's still open. This is not something that's buggy but rather a lack of restore function that doesn't meet our business requirement, there has been progress where developemnt has given us the ability to do an out of place database restore from an auxilary copy (this was not possible a few months ago). Overall the restore function for informix is still not as simplistic as we would like. We are still working on this along with support, however are awaiting our new Informix test environment to continue working on improving the Informix agent.

    Recently a few weeks ago there was a problem that developed where the commserve had dramatically decreased SQL performance on the commserve, it was a gradual onset until the commserver was hitting 100% CPU all the time. There was a patch in SP3b that fixed this, but it was two weeks before it was fixed. When the commserve CPU is working at 100% things start to not work correctly. One of these things was our Informix transation backups were failing for our main production DB. The result was that the Informix agent is now decomissioned and now only file level backups of the Informix backup files are done. DBA's have taken control of the backup process, as it was deemed Simpana was not reliable enough.

    I'll take note of the email archive contacts you've given. We have archiving ready to go as such, and I've only done some basic testing and archiving my own mailbox. We just havn't sat don't to work out the stratigy on how much to archive, we will be working on a pilot group soon.


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