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  • Exchange Compliance Archiver & Create New Index
    Posted: 10-25-2011, 5:07 PM

    Today is "index day" - see my post in the Backup forum ( for a related question.  But this question has to do with "Create New Index" and Exchange Compliance Archiver in particular, although it can also relate to the Exchange Mailbox Archiver.

    I understand that CommVault recommends that we run an Archive job to manually create a new index on a regular basis, such as once per quarter, as opposed to "every 100 archive jobs", so that it's a little more of a predictable browse window for end-users.  I also understand that CommVault automatically creates a new index for archive jobs starting January 1st of every year.  Given this, I haven't understood whether it's best to stick with creating a new index every quarter, or once per year, or some other interval?  Once per month seems too frequent (requiring too many browse operations).  Once per quarter seems better, but then why not just go to once per year?  To complicate matters, I understand that 9.0 SP2 included a new "super-browse" function that allows you to browse across a certain number of indexes.  I have not tried the "super browse" and I don't know how many indexes it will let you browse across, so my question is: As of 9.0 SP2 (or SP4 for that matter), what is the CommVault-recommended interval for creating a new index for Exchange Compliance Archiver?  If the "super-browse" will browse across indexes, why not create a new index for every archive operation?

  • Re: Exchange Compliance Archiver & Create New Index
    Posted: 10-25-2011, 5:22 PM

    This is a very hard question to answer.

    How often are you running compliance archive jobs?

    How much data are you archiving per job?

    Little background on indexes and what to look out for.

    An new index is like a full and jobs without are comparable to an incremental.

    When a new index is created and followed by a job without the new index option the index is carried forward from the new index job and added to the new job.  If you are running archive jobs multiple times a day and not creating indexes regularly you could be comsuming your library with mostly indexes.  Double click on one of your archive jobs and go to the attempts tab.  This will show you how large the index is at this point.  you can find this by looking at the archive index phase.  Sometimes when jobs are run so frequently without a new index you could be carrying an index that is larger than the amount of data that is secured.

    Bottom line is that you need to determine how often you are running your jobs and how much data you are archiving.

    There is no limitation to the amount of indexes you can browse with the super browse that I know of.

    CommVault Messaging Support
  • Re: Exchange Compliance Archiver & Create New Index
    Posted: 10-25-2011, 5:30 PM

    Customers usually want the Compliance Archiver to run every 1-2 hours (to prevent journal mailbox from getting too full), so that would be 12-24 jobs per day.  But personally, I'm starting to lean toward recommending running the Compliance Archiver 4 times per day (noon, 6pm, midnight, and 6am) to keep the indexes down.  But either way, how about creating a new index for EVERY archive job, now that we have the "super browse"?  Any downside to creating a new index for EVERY job?  Does this effectively solve the dilemma?

  • Re: Exchange Compliance Archiver & Create New Index
    Posted: 10-25-2011, 6:06 PM

    there is no super browse support for compliance archiver, only for mailbox archiver.

    if you ever have to do a Find on this data, or even a super browse (when supported), having that many indexes will make the operation FAR slower so it is very strongly discouraged.  There should be no reason to be creating indexes that often

    Wearer of Many Hats
  • Re: Exchange Compliance Archiver & Create New Index
    Posted: 10-25-2011, 7:29 PM

    So if we are running the Compliance Archiver 4x per day, how often should we create a new index?

  • Re: Exchange Compliance Archiver & Create New Index
    Posted: 10-25-2011, 7:35 PM

    once per quarter is probably fine.  It does depend somewhat on how many messages are actually flowing through the journal mailboxes, since the index would grow based on unique messages.  the creation of new indexes is mostly to keep the index size manageable so browses do not take too long but still show a good amount of timerange

    Wearer of Many Hats
  • Re: Exchange Compliance Archiver & Create New Index
    Posted: 05-29-2014, 12:43 PM
    I am resurrecting an old thread just to see if any guidance on this topic has changed as of v10 of the Compliance Archiver. I've noticed that indexes are getting quite large, even when a new index is created every quarter. "Super Browse" seems to work in the Compliance Archiver for v10. I understand that creating new indexes every day is still probably not a good idea (because the Super Browse will be slow), but how about once per month? Seem like a good strategy? Any downsides? The reason I ask is that the daily archive operation is around 1.5 GB or so, and the index is around 1.8 GB, so the index is larger than the actual archive job at this point when performing quarterly new index operations.... and disk space is being consumed like crazy for the indexes (and dedupe ratio is terrible).
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