Archiver not replacing files with stub files.

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  • Archiver not replacing files with stub files.
    Posted: 11-19-2012, 10:27 AM

    I'm finally able to start testing the archive component again.  I have a Celerra that i'm trying to archive.  I have succesfully got the archive job to run, and it copies files from the Source File share (on filer)  to the Proxy Stub Path (on media agent).  the original files do not change though.  it does not replace the original files with a stub.

    for testing, i have the rule set to archive everything.  (1 day modfied, 1 day accessed). 

    Under Rules, Stub Rule, i have "Replace the File with a Stub" checked.

    when I look at the history of the arcihive job, it shows that all the files in the directory have been archived. 

    The files that are in the original location, do not have a special icon and are the original size. 

    The files that exist in the Proxy stub directory have an extension of 1335809380.DmNasProxyStub.txt   where that number is unique per file. 

    any help is appreciated. 


  • Re: Archiver not replacing files with stub files.
    Posted: 11-19-2012, 10:50 AM

    Hi - some file types do not get the stub file icon...what type of files are you archiving?

    There should be two file sizes reported in the properties of file...the original file size and size on disk - are these the same?

    Are you archiving to tape or disk?

    Do the files open instantly when you click on them?

    Do you see a recover job being created in the comcell when you click on a file?

    Can you browse the archive job and see files?

    Not much help I know but I had similar problems....(archiver is till not working correctly and hangs my file server when restoring so I manually browse)



  • Re: Archiver not replacing files with stub files.
    Posted: 11-19-2012, 11:25 AM

    docx, jpg, xlsx and msg, are the file types i'm testing with.

    size on disk and file size are the same.

    Archiving to Disk

    files open relatively quickly

    no recover job on comcell

    archive job lists all the files that i expected to be archived. 


    does the file system need to be backed with a file system IDA before it is archived?

  • Re: Archiver not replacing files with stub files.
    Posted: 11-20-2012, 3:52 AM

    Hi - no you can just have an archiver on with no need to back-up the file system..

    The fact disk sizes are the same but you can see all the archived jobs means that they are getting recalled as soon as they are created...this will be your Anti Virus, it see the files getting changed and does an on-access scan which triggers a recall and restores them to the original.

    I am not advocating you do this so do it at your own risk - temporarily turn off your AV and run an archive...see if they get don't say what version of simpana you are using but below is for 8...there is one for 9 somewhere need to do all the registry and other configuration changes within your AV to get the archiver to work...even if that is not your problem it needs done for it to work correctly...


  • Re: Archiver not replacing files with stub files.
    Posted: 04-14-2014, 3:38 PM

    The article that was referenced in this forum post has been retired.  Currently the information can be found from this link and using the links to V9 BOL for Simpana Versions 8 and 9 AntiVirus White Papers based on Vendor AV version.

    Antivirus Exclusions for Simpana Directories and Services

    Supplied by KB Admin

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