How to enable "Days-Based" Retention for Archived Data

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  • How to enable "Days-Based" Retention for Archived Data
    Posted: 09-24-2014, 4:35 PM



    For OnePass, normally the retention of archive jobs are based on Days/Cycles configuration in under "Basic Retention Rule for All Backups" Storage Policy Copy's Property.

    Anyway, I need to configure the retention as Days based, which honors "Basic Retention Rules for Data/Compliance Archiver Data".

    I found in BOL mention about this in the following link, under section "Days-based Retention for Archived Data"

    The link said that "Contact Product Support to enable this feature."

    I skip this phase, and try to do it on my own, but I struggled at one options called "Honor Archiver Agent Retention" which I could not find it.

    I think this option will not show, without Product Support help enable something.

    Anyone have any idea about how to enable this feature?


    Thank you,

  • Re: How to enable "Days-Based" Retention for Archived Data
    Posted: 03-27-2015, 1:56 PM

    Just to update this post.

    That is correct. Currently as of SP10, you will need to work with support to enable this feature. It will require an additional setting to be provided by support.

    If you have not opened a case with support, please do so and we will work to configure this feature together.



    Books Online Information as of SP10:

    Days-Based Retention for Archived Data:

    You can archive data to tape libraries. Archived data is retained based on the archiver retention days configured on the storage policy copy instead of days- or cycles-based retention. Contact Product Support to enable this feature.

    Important Considerations

    Review these important considerations before you enable days-based retention:

    • Synthetic full backups are not supported with this option. Do not configure full or synthetic full backup schedules; only incremental backup schedules are honored.
    • Once you enable this option, synthetic full backups are blocked for all of the OnePass subclients (with or without this option enabled).
    • The Data Archive Core infrastructure or the Data Archive Enterprise license is consumed for full and incremental backups. The data aging job will then age data that meets the storage policy's archiver retention criteria and free up the capacity license.
    • During restores, when you perform a browse and restore with the Restore data instead of stub option selected, enable the Skip errors and continue option in the Advance Restore Options dialog box so that data is restored for files with valid data version, and stubs are restored for files whose data version is aged.

    Before You Begin

    Set the nSkipIndexLookup additional setting to 1 on the client computer. For instructions on adding the additional setting, see Add or Modify an Additional Setting.


    1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers > client.
    2. Right-click File System and click Properties.
    3. In the File System Properties dialog box, select the Honor Archiver Retentioncheck box. You cannot disable the option later.   

      The stubs created on the disk will be retained until the media is pruned.

    4. Click OK to close the File System Properties dialog box.
    5. From the CommCell Browser, expand File System > backup set.
    6. Right-click the subclient and click Properties.
    7. In the Subclient Properties dialog box, on the Content tab, select the Only backup files that qualify for archiving check box to back up only the files and folders that meet the archiving rules.
    8. Click OK to close the Subclient Properties dialog box.
    9. From the CommCell Browser, expand Storage Resources > MediaAgents.
    10. Right-click the MediaAgent for the subclient and click Properties.
    11. In the MediaAgent Properties dialog box, on the Catalog tab, change the value of Index Retention Time in daysto twice the number of days as the archive job so that the index never expires for the subclient unless the schedules are stopped.

      For example, if you scheduled the archive job to run every 7 days and set Index Retention Time in days to 15, the index will be updated every 7 days.

    12. Click OK to close the MediaAgent Properties dialog box.
    • A new index cycle is created automatically each year when you enable the Honor Archiver Retention option.
    • Mask-based erase, user and group quota restores, end-user erase and carry forward <n> versions of files options are not supported with the Honor Archiver Retention option.
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