Reindex from tape

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  • Reindex from tape
    Posted: 03-18-2015, 12:13 PM

    Simpana 9,SP 14

    Hi All - I had an issue where I replicate my servers offline at night - to cut a long story short the job failed and somehow left the VM (commvault indexer) in a hung state...the VM has reverted to a snapshot from March 2014, it is working ok but when I do a compliance search I am missing a years worth of data!

    I only retain on disk for 90 days but I retain an aux tape as infinate so the question is how do I reindex the data that is on tape? do I need to rehydrare it all (6 million emails spanning 6 years) or can I just rehydrate the missing data and reindex or some other solution?

    I will raise a ticket but just if anyone has a quick solution that would be good.

    Thanks In advance...


  • Re: Reindex from tape
    Posted: 03-18-2015, 1:30 PM

    Hi David,

    Are you saying the server that was being used as your Content Indexing Engine was on VM and that server has been reverted back to an older image?

    If so do you back up the fixml directory ( the cv_index).

    Assume this is FAST we are talking about?

    Jobs from a secondary can be picked for indexing yes.



  • Re: Reindex from tape
    Posted: 03-19-2015, 4:22 AM

    Hi SG - Yip that is exactly what I am saying...I don't back up any of my CV servers (except for a disaster recovery job) as I was told it was not neccessary? I use Veam to replicate my environment servers off site at night (I know CV can do this but it's just a historical thing and it was cheap and works) anyways...I lost the line that goes off site while it was snapshotting and replicating and somehow the VMK has gone corrupt...after much faffing with VMWare I managed to get an OS and drives up but it seems to be an old snapshot my plan once BT get the line back up (hopefuly today) is to bring a recent replica up from my off-site and continue as normal.

    Just while I was waiting on that (and in case I have a problem with that) i wanted to get it running with what I have going now.

    Yes it is FAST and how would I repick data from my tape copy and integrate it into my current index...

    Thanks for the help


  • Re: Reindex from tape
    Posted: 03-19-2015, 7:27 AM

    Since the Storage Policy Copy or Copies you had already indexed the data for are most likely still already selected for Content Indexing any secondary copy under said Storage Policy should be able to have its jobs picked for indexing as well. Check the below links and instructions.

    One thing I have a concern on in your case however is your storage nodes, since the index was wiped out the nodes probably wont get cleaned up properly so space may become an issue. The clean up process may be very complicated.

    Do you have any plans to upgrade to Cv v10 soon? It may be a good time to transition to the new SOLR Engine and make spome changes to the CI disaster recovery plan.

    How to repick jobs>>

    Add (or Remove) Specific Jobs for Content indexing

    1. From the CommCell Browser, right click the storage policy from which you wish to select jobs for content indexing, click View and then click Jobs.
    2. Select the necessary filter options in the Job Filter for Storage Policy dialog box.
    3. Click the Advanced button for additional filter options in the Jobs in Storage Policy Advanced Filter Options dialog box.
    4. Click OK.
    5. A list of jobs associated with a storage policy is displayed in the Jobs for Storage Policy Copy window.
    6. right click the specific job and perform one of the following operations as appropriate:
      • Pick for Content Indexing - Select this option to content index the specific job.
      • Re-Pick for Content Indexing - Select this option to re-content index a job that was already content indexed.
      • Prevent Content Index - Select this option to prevent a job from being content indexed by content indexing operations



  • Re: Reindex from tape
    Posted: 03-19-2015, 7:46 AM

    Thank you SG - very useful...yes I am planning a V10 upgrade as we speak but need to get my daily jobs running.

    I have now got the line back up and am migrating a replica from 4 days ago to my production san and will repick 4 days worth of jobs instead of a years worth!...and all the asociated space issues!.

    Thanks again...



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