Simpana 10 SP9, Archiving issues with SMB 2.0 on recalls causing File Server shares to lock up

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  • Simpana 10 SP9, Archiving issues with SMB 2.0 on recalls causing File Server shares to lock up
    Posted: 03-24-2015, 5:14 PM

    Long winded, so hopefully I included everything in this post since I already accidentally closed my window once!! :(

    We have been going back and forth with CommVault support with no fix yet and seems we have a tech that can not get his responses straight.  We have been having lock ups on our file shares from our file server.  It is caused by recalls of CommVault and when I turn the services off, it resolves it till it gets to a certain point again then it starts all over. 

    They want to go by what this document says to do.  Which is this below:

    "You mentioned that stopping the CommVault services on the client alleviated the resource issue. Due to that and the fact that the client is running Windows 2012, we recommend that you disable SMB 2.0 on the client, fs1, by using the following registry entry. This will force any clients doing recalls to use Windows 2012's native SMB 3.0.

    1. Click Start, type regedit in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.
    2. Locate and then click the following registry subkey:
    3. On the Edit menu, point to New, and then click DWORD Value.
    4. Type SMB2, and then press ENTER.
    5. On the Edit menu, click Modify.
    6. Type 0 (zero), and then click OK.
    7. Exit Registry Editor.
    8. Restart the computer."

    Basically they want us to turn off SMB 2.0 on our File Server which runs Windows 2012 R2.  By doing this, which he was wrong above, this turns off SMB 2.0 and 3.0 and will force clients to use 1.0.  This will cause us to lose a lot of new features, and have some of the bugs that were associated to 1.0 come back. 

    After discussing this with management, we do not agree with this and even MICROSOFT says in this WARNING, only turn off SMB 2.0 for testing purposes.

    This issue they have they continue to blame Microsoft for and it's a CommVault related issue which is proven in the following threads. and

    When Commvault is having issues with other applications are having this issue with CommVault what is the common dominator?  CommVault is.  We use Microsoft End Point Protection, and we can not turn this off as we are a Financial Institution and must protect our file servers from harm.

    So at last, they said we need to push this KB fix to our workstations if we don't want to do the server.  But when I question him on this line in that KB, he continues on the same lines as we need to push this to the clients.

    "Note You need to apply the hotfix package on the computer which shares files."

    That tells me right there it needs to be applied to the FILE SERVER that is hosting the shares and not the clients.


    What do you guys think?  We need a resolution or we are just turning off Archiving and finding another product.




  • Re: Simpana 10 SP9, Archiving issues with SMB 2.0 on recalls causing File Server shares to lock up
    Posted: 03-24-2015, 7:26 PM

    Hi Nizmoz,

    There are 2 separate things to consider in this issue as what you are seeing may be due to either or both of the following:

    1. Setup Symantec AV to be compatable with Archiver.
    2. The Microsoft updates that have fixes for the SMB2 issues on Win Vista/7/2008/R2

    To start, Symantec AV must be configured to work properly with Archiver.  In order to make this work, you should meet the following conditions:

    1. Symantec AV must be at a minimum of 12.1.4100.
    2. CommVault v10 SP8/SP9/SP10 must be installed.  SP8 added support for SEP 12.
    3. These instructions need to be followed:

    This will all ow SEP 12 and Archiver to work properly toghether.

    The forum link you included above references issues with SEP 12, which should be corrected with Simpana SP8+, and i believe confirmed at the end of that post. 

    As for the SMB2 issue there are 2 possible solutions:

    1. Apply the MS KB to both the clients and the server hosting the file share.  This KB update adds support for the registry keys listed in in the CV KB that must also be set on the clients and file server.  Since there are (different) reg keys for the client side and the server side the update needs to be on all machines involved.
    2. Optionally, if you cannot do #1 above, you can turn off SMB2 instead to prevent the issue from occuring.  Clients will fall back to SMB1 instead and this is a workaound, if the fix cannot be implemented.

    These Microsoft KB's were the result of mutual customers who worked with both CommVault and Microsoft early in the Windows 2008 lifecycle that ran into these problems.  Microsoft found some issues in the SMB2 implementation and came out with the KB updates and the corresponding registry keys to allow more threads to occur.

    Without the Microsoft updates or the registry keys, all the worker threads can get tied up waiting for the files to be recalled, and when this happens the share "freezes / hangs".  The Microsoft KB's and registry keys will allow more SMB2 worker threads to be proccessed and prevent running out of threads, and thus prevent the share from "hanging".

    From the MS KB Article:

    "This issue occurs because the Server Message Block (SMB) worker thread that handles SMB requests is not available. This causes the computer not to respond to SMB requests. "

    Many customers have successfully implemented CV KB 11411 and have corrected these SMB2 issues by following the steps contained within.









  • Re: Simpana 10 SP9, Archiving issues with SMB 2.0 on recalls causing File Server shares to lock up
    Posted: 03-25-2015, 8:16 AM

    Thank you for the response, but you didn't read my post well.  We don't use Symantec but Microsoft End Point Protection Enterprise wide.  We have already configured it, and to what our google searches show, we have to completely uninstall it to make CommVault work and that is with any AV program it seems.  That WILL NOT happen.

    Also you are telling us to disable SMB2 enterprise wide on all clients to get Archive to work on Commvault?  Again, won't happen.  SMB 1 is a bad SMB, very chatty, lots of network issues with it.  This would cause major issues with our network with how big we are. 

    We are running v10 SP9 already.

    Disabling SMB2 is not an option and NOT recommended by Microsoft at all.  CommVault is the one recommending this to fix THEIR issue with their software that is having the issue getting a long with other programs.

    I will pass some of this info by, but it is the same copy and paste we got from the other technical support people which again did not help.

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