Client Job history

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  • Client Job history
    Posted: 06-29-2015, 4:12 PM

    I'm trying to find a way to get the job id's for jobs run during a date/time range on a particular client.  I've tried using the Qcommand jobhistory, but can only manage to get one job id each time I run the workflow as the output.  Is there something I need to do to get a list of all the job id's to be listed?  Thanks in advance.



  • Re: Client Job history
    Posted: 06-30-2015, 4:47 PM

    you can also right click(subclient) on the client -> Backup history

  • Re: Client Job history
    Posted: 07-02-2015, 4:31 PM
    • Ali is not online. Last active: 07-03-2019, 12:32 PM Ali
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    Hi Adam, could you clarify the use case and the end goal?

    Do you mean a job in a Running state or jobs that have already Completed for a given time range?

  • Re: Client Job history
    Posted: 07-06-2015, 11:47 AM

    I'm looking to be able to identify the jobs in the range and then be able to query the database and find what media is associated with the jobs in question.  Thanks for your help.

  • Re: Client Job history
    Posted: 07-16-2015, 7:40 PM

    Hey Adam,

    I think this could be done.  Assuming you can get the JobID and the Media (I only know how to do this with physical media using barcodes).  See on pulling the JobID from a specific tape.

    The sql code below will provide the jobs for a specific client between a specific date range.

    use CommServ
    declare @cname varchar(50)
    declare @start datetime
    declare @end datetime
    set @cname = 'client01' --Enter the client name
    set @start = '06-01-2015' --Enter the start date
    set @end = (select GETDATE()) --Default to current date, or manually set end date

    select *
    FROM [CommServ].[dbo].[CommCellBackupInfo]
    where clientname like @cname
    and startdate > @start
    and enddate < @end
    order by startdate
    I dont know off the top of my head how to get the media barcode for a specific client.  This would need some work.  But, im sure it could be done.
  • Re: Client Job history
    Posted: 07-17-2015, 2:54 AM
    • Ali is not online. Last active: 07-03-2019, 12:32 PM Ali
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    The Job Summary Report, can also be used, pick your clients/subclients etc, then the time range, and on the Selection tab, choose the Associated Media option, media list should be on the final column on the report per job ID.

  • Re: Client Job history
    Posted: 07-20-2015, 4:31 AM

    As this topic is in the "Workflow" section, I'm assuming the TS means something which is to be run from the workflow engine, and not a specific GUI action or report.

    You may be interested in the "CommCellBackupInfo" database view, which you can use from a CommServeDBQuery activity:

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