OnePass Email Archiving Retention Clarification

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  • OnePass Email Archiving Retention Clarification
    Posted: 04-28-2015, 10:20 PM

    Afternoon All,

    This has been bugging me for a while, and not matter how much doco I read there's no black and white explanation of archived (stubbed) email vs standard protection (backup) retention. Obviosly the whole idea of Onepass is to roll the whole thing into one seamless operation, but this does make the prospect of things being deleted before they should be an issue.

    My understanding is as follows:

    • Standard mailbox backup retention is still controlled via the storage policy, with normal aging taking place acording the the copies retention.
    • The "Basic Retention Rules for Data/Compliance Archiver data" option in the SP copy has no impact on OnePass operations, this only relates to legacy archiving.
    • Unless the "honour storage policy retention" option is set to 1, archive retention is set at the subclient level through Retention --> Media Pruning.
    What confuses me is this; Under Retention --> Media Pruning on the OnePass mailbox iDA subclient it states: "During Synthetic Full, prune items from the archive" and gives a default of 1825 days, or the option of Never. On the FS version of OnePass archiving it mentions "If deleted on source", but here it simply gives an amount of time to keep it, regardless of the stubs state in the mailbox. 
    Does this mean that if this is set to 1825, and a user tries to recall that archived stub 2000 days since archiving took place they will be out of luck? I've been setting this to 'Never' to be sure, but it seems weird that and archiving solution would swap out an object to save space, and then remove the item that the stub points to at a later date. 
    If anyone has a simple way of explaining this it would be awesome, ideally I would loike the solution to keep standard backups for the time specifed in the various copies of the SP, and keep archived email for as long as there is a stub referencing it.
  • Re: OnePass Email Archiving Retention Clarification
    Posted: 02-24-2017, 7:24 AM


    Did you ever get this clarified ?


  • Re: OnePass Email Archiving Retention Clarification
    Posted: 02-24-2017, 4:49 PM

    The media retention controls behavior during synthetic full backups.  For mailbox backups without OnePass (message rules enabled) you can just run full backups and ignore the option.  If you are running synthetic full backups it controls when items are going to be dropped from the next synthetic full backups based on their sent/received time.

    Since with OnePass enabled you can ONLY run synthetic full backups, this will control what is available from the latest cycle, though if you retain older synthetic full backups dropped data will still be avialable based on storage policy retention.  Does that all make sense?

    The reasoning behind dropping mailbox AND stubbed data based on this is related to this question:  Why would you want to keep data your are 'stubbing' longer than the rest of your data?  Wouldnt it make more sense to retain all of your data based on your compliance/business needs?  So if you do not require data to be available for restore after they are older than 5 years, the stubbed data should not also be available.  You should than go through and use the options on the Source Pruning tab to clean out the STUBS older than 5 years so these are removed from the users mailbox and the fact that they can not be recovered is not a problem.


    TLDR - Media Retention controls synthetic full backups. Messages will not roll to the newest synthetic full based on their sent received time.

  • Re: OnePass Email Archiving Retention Clarification
    Posted: 02-27-2017, 4:13 AM

    thanks for your response.

    in my setup I plan to have a SP with primary to disk for 30days and monthend to tape for 7 years.


    If i run an Onepass job and it archives off 1TB worth of data, will this 1TB of data sit on the Mag Lib forever ? or will it get aged after 30days ? 

    If this is the case I need to have tapes that contain the archived data contanly in the tape library.

  • Re: OnePass Email Archiving Retention Clarification
    Posted: 02-27-2017, 8:47 AM

    No it will not sit on the maglib forever.  The copy on disk will follow the 30 day retention rules, while the copy on tape will follow the 7 years.  The archive data will always be retrievable from the latest synthetic full copy as long as it still meets the media retention that is set, so no need to always keep tapes in the library.  Would advise to use source pruning to clean up stubs that are older than however long you wish to keep emails for based on sent/received time.  If you do this you will never have stubs in mailboxes that are not retrievable.

  • Re: OnePass Email Archiving Retention Clarification
    Posted: 02-27-2017, 11:15 AM

    so where do we set retention for Archived files ?  in the old versions we used to be able to set it on the SP under Archive/Complience tab

  • Re: OnePass Email Archiving Retention Clarification
    Posted: 02-27-2017, 11:27 AM

    The retention you are mentioning is strictly job based.  The One Pass jobs are controlled by the normal retention configuration, not Archive.  Let me try explaning it a bit differently.


    JOB1: Synthfull 2014

    Email1 - 2010

    Email2 - 2014

    Email3 - 2015

    JOB2:Synthfull 2016

    Email2 - 2014

    Email3 - 2015

    Email4 - 2016

    JOB3:Synthfull 2017

    Email2 - 2014

    Email3 - 2015

    Email4 - 2016

    Email5 - 2017


    So lets look at the above example.  We will say there is a 5 year media retention set on the subclient while the storage policy has a 2 year retention.  Storage policy retention does not care about the emails at all.  It will prune out based on when the job was run. Period!  JOB1 will be aged out now based on storage policy retention while job2 and job3 will not because they are not over 2 years old.

    Media retention applies when the synthetic full backup runs.  It checks the received time of each email individually to determine if the email should be kept.  This is checked against all emails backed up in the previous synthetic full through all incremental backups that have run.  Email1 is over 5 years old so it is not included in JOB2.  Email 2 through 4 are less than 5 years old and are included in the synthetic full.  JOB3 includes email 2 through 4 because they are still less than 5 years old so will continue to be include.  This process occurs for all emails in the synth and incrementals.  The synthetic full does not differentiate between archived or non archived email data.  Since the policy is set based on media retention to only backup emails that are a certain age, they roll over based on that.  There is no seperate retention for archived vs non archived.

  • Re: OnePass Email Archiving Retention Clarification
    Posted: 02-27-2017, 2:17 PM

    is it the same for File Archiver ?

    In my case I am going to use SP for files deleted by a user

    SP plus 60 days for stubs deleted by a user as per printscreen.

    in this example i have 30 days rention on my SP so will my Archived data always be in my my Synthetic Full ? and will i be able to recall a file archived today from my Mag Library in 12 months time ?


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