Backup not very fast

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  • Backup not very fast
    Posted: 04-07-2017, 6:16 AM


    I installed commvault in a new infrastructure 10GbE, when i make a backup of a VM i noticed that the bandwidth of vmware virtual center use only the 12% of the network, why? In the detail of the job the throughput it's aroud 300GB/hr, it's normal for a 10GbE network? I set also the network agent to 4, but the result it's the same.



  • Re: Backup not very fast
    Posted: 04-10-2017, 3:30 AM

    Anyone can help me please? 


  • Re: Backup not very fast
    Posted: 04-12-2017, 1:34 PM

    Is your VM a "large" vm in terms of hardware resources?

    It could be that the bottleneck in this case is not your network but the processing on the agent.

    I have seen similar results from some AIX clients I have in a POWER systems machine. They have in some cases even .5 cores. So the throughput is just not very fast even though they are on a 10GbE backbone.

  • Re: Backup not very fast
    Posted: 04-13-2017, 5:52 AM


    the problem occour also in the small vm, in the big VM like file a sharing of 1TB the performance are worst around 100 GB/hr.

    Any ideas? :(


  • Re: Backup not very fast
    Posted: 04-13-2017, 11:34 AM

    300 GB/hour translates to 85 MB/s, which corresponds quite closely to 1 Gbps. I suspect somewhere you have throttle down to 1 Gbps.

    Can you check the transport mode for the subclient? If it's set to Auto, can you check the event viewer and/or job controller what the actual transport mode is? If it's "NBD", this means the backups are going through the management interface of the hypervisor host.

    I'm not sure what your server and network infrastructure looks like, but I've on many occasions seen configurations where the management interface is logically or physically segmented off, and perhaps this is running at 1 Gbps and perhaps even through a router to your Commvault Media Agent.

  • Re: Backup not very fast
    Posted: 04-19-2017, 6:35 AM
    i configured the transport mode in the subclient like "NBD", but the management in the hypervisor host it's 1Gbps, do you confirm that the management interface need to be 10Gbps?
    If it's true i need to upgrade all the management interfaces :(
  • Re: Backup not very fast
    Posted: 04-19-2017, 12:19 PM

    It all depends. If the transport mode is, and must be, NBD then yes, you'll need upgrade the management interface speed.

    I would advise you to explore the other options for transport mode. "Hotadd" will mount the client VMs corresponding datastore files to a VSA running in a VM. This VSA is its own MA technically, but will typically send the backups to a larger MA where the DDB is hosted. The network traffic will go over whatever network interface is configured for the VSA VM.

    If you have a Fibre Channel SAN you could also deploy a VSA on a physical host and use SAN transport mode, if you're comfortable having a Windows host access to the LUN(s) hosting the datastores. I think it works the same for iSCSI, never tried it.

    There's extensive documentation available on the various deployment methods and transport modes but with your current setup, 300 GB/h is about as much as you can expect from a single hypervisor host.

  • Re: Backup not very fast
    Posted: 04-20-2017, 4:41 AM

    I never try the "hotadd" configuration, usually i use the "SAN transport mode" but in this case i can't use it because i installed CommVault in a VM.
    Thank you very much

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