Reconfiguration of current CV setup

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  • Reconfiguration of current CV setup
    Posted: 10-04-2017, 6:01 AM

    Hi Folks,

    We recently had a CV consulant in to look at our environment as it's been changing pretty quickly and has outgrown itself.

    We have 1 comcell, 1 DR comcell, and 2 media agents. 1 media agent handles production backups and the other is at our DR site and receives Dash copies. There is a certain amount of live data in our DR site too so there are also DASH copies coming back to the Production DISKLIB. So it's active active so to speak.

    At the moment our environment is creaking badly. The direct attached DISKLIB disks are being majorly overworked (high disk queue lengths) and are pretty much out of space, and the Media agent is maxed for CPU etc etc.

    We were recommended to change a few things to help out, on of the biggest of which is reformatting our current DISKLIB to 64k block size. They are formatted with 4k currently. The next biggest recommendation was to add another MA on both sides and more DISKLIB capacity. The reccomendation was to use "Extended Mode" with the idea being to take some pressure off the existing DISKLIB by running AUX copy jobs to a secondary DISKLIB.

    Here's where I need a steer if possible:

    We have ordered 2 new servers fully loaded with a mixture of SSDs (for DDB and index cache) to be our new MA's (1 on each side). So my current task is to plan this reconfiguration.

    1) I need to reformat the existing DISKLIB to 64k. The best way I can think of doing this, considering the current DISKLIBs are maxed out, is to use some of the new disks as a temporary swing space.

    - Our basic retention is 24/1 and our extended is monthly FULLS to tape.

    - A months worth of backups for us is around 18TB. If I can present a new 18TB DISKLIB (from new MA) and then disable all existing DISKLIBs, I can allow a months worth of backups to run to this new mount point ... ensure the month end FULLS are written to tape and then blow away all data on old DISKLIBs, reformat in one go with 64k and then bring back online? Is there a better way to handle this?

    - My question here is, How do I reclaim the 18TB after its been written to for a month? Can I copy all the data to the newly formatted DISKLIB's and then change the mount path? This is an area that im not too sure about.

    2) Im not overly sure about extended mode and how its configured. I gather I need to create a new DDB on both sides, and then point the aux copies to these DISKLIBs but thats the height of my knowledge. Maybe theres a better option for us here? Open to suggestions.

    3) The biggest backup resource hog is our VMware VSA backups. They're currently using NBD backups over a 1GB network and as you can imagine this is pretty slow. An incermental can take a few days sometimes and it really needs re-worked. I'd like your thoughts on setting up a 10GB Backup vlan to run these VS using SAN mode.

    Sorry for the mega post but I've a few gaps in my knowledge here and I know theres a smarter way to work this. Looking for any experience or thoughts here.

  • Re: Reconfiguration of current CV setup
    Posted: 10-05-2017, 11:12 AM
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    Hi Lamont,

    For #1, yes you could just have backups run to the new DISK, get the monthly's to tape and wipe the older DISKLIB.  So basically you create a new MA, create a new copy, and promote it to primary within the existing SP, backups will just run as expected.  Another option is you Aux copy everything (lengthy) to the new disk, then promote it to primary, and let things run as they normally would, probably not such a time friendly option, this way you have your 1 month on disk for restores if you needed it.  Another option could be you have all your primary backups go to tape for a few weeks until you wipe and format the disks and then bring it back into the mix.  So basically, create a sync copy to tape, promote it, then do what you need to for the disk copy, prune the jobs, then promote it back to the primary.  

    For #2, you are just basically adding an additional partition for the DDB, so you should just be able to go into the existing copy properties under Dedupe tab and add the new partition, this makes it extended if I'm understanding your config correctly.

    For #3, waiting to see if anyone here has some thoughts on that...

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