Share a S3 library between CommCells?

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  • Share a S3 library between CommCells?
    Posted: 01-14-2019, 9:44 AM


    I have a hypothetical question for you.

    Imagine I have a Commcell and I wish to rebuild it from scratch, with a view to migrating most of the clients from the old to the new. The new one will have some things, but not many, in common with the old one.

    I have this idea, in a nutshell, to grant two Commcells (one old, one new) access to the same S3 location which contains backups for clients which migrate from one to the other.


    1 build the new Commcell

    2 build new S3 storage in the old environment, but also make it available to the new Commcell

    3 aux copy historical backups for selected clients that will migrate, to the new S3 storage from its current location

    4 migrate the clients that will migrate, to the new Commcell, safe in the knowledge that their historical backups are already available to the new Commcell.

    Anyone see any flaws in this idea?


  • Re: Share a S3 library between CommCells?
    Posted: 01-14-2019, 5:02 PM

    Hi RALovell 

    Just for clarification, are you planning to Aux Copy data across two different CommCell (because this option is not possible).

    Note - You can definitely share the AWS S3 bucket across the two CommCell, but it will need to be using different Buckets to store the Backup Data. 

    From what I am gathering from your setup, you are looking to migrate the Client (Backed up data) from one CommCell to another. 

    I would recommend looking into CommCell Migration - 

    Hopefully this helps 

    Thank you 


  • Re: Share a S3 library between CommCells?
    Posted: 01-17-2019, 5:35 AM

    Hi, thanks for responding

    No, no plans to attempt the impossible aux copy between Commcells

    I think it's Commcell migration I am looking to do, I have done one before, somehow I've regarded this one as different because essentially a single S3 bucket will be in simultaneous use by clients who have not yet migrated, and clients who have migrated.

    So in essence I think I want to make the same S3 bucket available to two different Commcells, simultaneously, for clients who will be migrating from one Commcell to the other, without moving the historical data.

  • Re: Share a S3 library between CommCells?
    Posted: 01-17-2019, 4:40 PM

    Hi RALovell

    Technically you can use the same S3 Bucket across the two CommCell, but what will happen is that two different Base Folders (Directory as part of CommVault Mount Paths) will be created under this S3 Bucket, but the Data which is written will be different. 

    So in short you can do so, but for ease of management I would recommend to use two separate bucket for the stored backup 

    Thank you 


  • Re: Share a S3 library between CommCells?
    Posted: 01-25-2019, 10:19 AM

    Thanks - but I still don't think I'm making myself clear.

    Commcell A clients have some backups which are stored in Bucket #1 with e.g. 1 year retention.

    Bucket #1 is made available to Commcell B, but B will never write data in to Bucket #1.

    Some clients in Commcell A whose data is in Bucket #1 are then migrated over to Commcell B, and can find their backup history there. But they will never write new data to Bucket #1. Any new data from these clients will go to a new Bucket.

    Commcell B is the new live Commcell; Commcell A withers and gets decommissioned.

    I thought I'd try to make it clearer but I think the potential requirement has gone away now anyway, so thanks very much for the assistance.


  • Re: Share a S3 library between CommCells?
    Posted: 01-25-2019, 3:56 PM

    Hi RALovell 

    Thanks for the clarification, as mentioned before what you are descibing is just CCM Merge (but using a Cloud Library), which will still be possible.

    After CCM Merge of CommCell A data into CommCell B, the Original Cloud Library will be made as "Read Only", so you will not be able to write to it (by design and meets your requirement). 

    Since this is a Cloud Library, you can either create a new Bucket or use the same Bucket in CommCell B (creating a new Cloud Library) to start writing new Backup, what will happen is that a new "Base Folder" will be created to reference the new Backup Blocks (regardless of whether you use Deduplication or not), these two Base Folder will reference the two Logical Cloud Library you have created 

    Note - since Cloud Library has unlimited storage (obvisouly dependent on the agreement with the Cloud Vendor) you won't be in a situation where you run out of storage. 

    On top of this, the old CCM Merged Data will also follow the same retention and age out. 

    Hopefully that answers your question 

    Thank you 


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