Questions regarding offsite disk library

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  • Questions regarding offsite disk library
    Posted: 02-19-2019, 5:45 PM


    I'm trying to set up an offsite copy of my backups.  What I have in place now is a CommVault Commcell and MA in my main datacenter.  All my regular daily backups are in one storage policy.

    I recently installed an MA in one of my satellite offices, created another copy of the main storage policy and set the new copy up to be synchronous after a specific date. 

    I've been running the aux copy for more than a week now and it is making progress sending the backups over the slow datapipe.  Now that I have backup jobs copied to another MA, I'm trying to devise a proper test of whether this can be used for my offsite backups (i.e. DR strategy).  

    I can browse that storage policy copy's jobs and then kick off a restore with default settings.  The restore of a small file completed super quick.  The restore of a larger file (40GB) seems to have gone much slower (17 minutes 23 seconds).  I'm not sure if was is trying to

    a) rebuild the index from the offsite copy, or

    b) acquire it from the source copy (located on the media agent that peformed the original backup).

    In order for this to be useful as an offsite copy, the remote office media agent needs everything present locally so in the event of a disaster at my main datacenter I can just set up a DR commserve job and then restore the db into it.  Short of going through all that DR setup now, how can I tell if things are architected right?  

    Also, if any of the above is unclear or if any of you CommVault folks or customers who've done something similar have any ideas about how I should be doing things differently, I'd really like the insight.  

  • Re: Questions regarding offsite disk library
    Posted: 02-21-2019, 12:03 PM
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    When the restore starts, which MA is being used for the restore, offsite or onsite?  Should be able to see it in the GUI

    Also if you test a copy/paste set of data from the offsite MA to the client (offsite) that you're restoring to, how long does it take?

  • Re: Questions regarding offsite disk library
    Posted: 02-21-2019, 1:46 PM

    Browsing to the job from the offsite storage policy copy is causing the job to run on the offsite media agent.  


    The first time I went to browse an item I got the attached message


    It does not auto refresh after it does whatever is needed to acquire/fix the index so I had to go back into that.


    Restoring one 8gb compressed db file in that job took 3 mins 28 seconds from the offsite media agent (reported by viewing the job details in the job controller so this is after the index became available).

    Using the onsite media agent's copy of that same job, the restore of the same file took 1 minute 38 seconds.  

    Copying that file from the onsite CommCell/MA to the offsite MA took 5mins.  I think the file is coming from the place I want it to when I'm browsing the offsite MA's jobs but I'm concerned over whether I need to do something special with the V2 indexing.  Is there something I should look for in one or some of the CommVault log files to see what's going on there?

    If I need to replicate the indexes then I'll just need to get something in place for that, but at this point I can't really tell whether that's going to be a problem so that's why I'm inquiring.

  • Re: Questions regarding offsite disk library
    Posted: 02-22-2019, 4:56 PM

    Hi Boberic

    While doing the Aux Copy from the Primary to the Secondary, the Index should also be populated on the Secondary MediaAgent. 

    At the moment from the review of the screenshot that was provided, the issue looks like the Secondary MA's Index is not up to date. 

    I would look into why the Index Cache is not up to date as a priority. 

    Overall the strategy with the DR site is correct, but something is not right with the Index in this case. 

    Thank you 


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