AWS EC2 recovery solution

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  • AWS EC2 recovery solution
    Posted: 09-16-2019, 2:51 AM
    I am new to Commvault. Recently setup a single Commserve host at our data center which is backing up our NDMP SAN (network files) to AWS S3 bucket. Media agent is installed on this Commserve too. How do i provision Commvault to handle an outage at our data center? In other words, if we are completely cut off from our data center for several hours or more I would like to start file restore operations from S3 to an EC2 volume or other storage mechanism (FSX) in our AWS VPC so key users can work in our VPC during the outage. Does this mean I should provision another Commserve host in our VPC ? Is this the Commserve LiveSync option? Will that include a copy of the media agent too so I can quickly start restoring? The help documentation appears to treat Commserve and media agent recovery separately. Where is the index of the million plus files I have backed up in S3 stored? Hope my question makes sense. Thanks in advance. Peter
  • Re: AWS EC2 recovery solution
    Posted: 09-16-2019, 3:41 AM

    Believe it or not, you're right on the money with everything you've written.

    CommServe LiveSync provides test/maintenance/production cutover functionality, and is typically run ever 15 minutes.  There can be multiple passive CommServes, and you could put in AWS if you want.

    Yes, the MediaAgent is separate and the Indexes in Commvault are distributed in the CommServe Database (CommServe), Deduplication Database (MediaAgents), and the metadata/content index of the Backup Jobs.  In the event of losing a Deduplication Database, you can still restore backups from the Backup Library because the indexes in the deduplication database are only needed for backup and not restore.  The Passive CommServe can recover and continue backups to the default Storage Polocy Copies.  Commvault Storage Policies allow for secondary copies to be promoted as primary, so if you conclude that your Datacenter is going to be fubar for extended period of time - the AWS CommServe and AWS MediaAgent can be configured to continue with backups and restores.

  • Re: AWS EC2 recovery solution
    Posted: 09-16-2019, 8:39 AM
    Super responsive and helpful..thank you. I will follow this guide in documentation, "Setting Up High Availability CommServe Host for an Existing CommServe Server". I see no direct reference to the media agent in this guide however. Do I select Media Agent package during the passive CommServe install? Just want to make sure all components of production CommServe get replicated to passive. Confused as there is a separate section in docs called "MediaAgent Recovery" which looks very manual, recording mount paths, etc.
  • Re: AWS EC2 recovery solution
    Posted: 09-16-2019, 4:37 PM
    The packages you installed on the Active Commserve need be also installed on the Passive CommServe. Otherwise the passive will not be able to perform those roles during cutover. It's also important to set aside some time to test the failover functionality during a quiet time because if there is a misconfiguration in setup of the livesync, you may need to raise a support call.

    And yes, the CommServe is a MediaAgent but unless you are a tiny environment or recovering from a catastrophe, don't treat it as a data mover. The CommServe is the orchestrator, not the orchestra! :)
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