HDS Intellisnap with AIX

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  • HDS Intellisnap with AIX
    Posted: 10-23-2019, 4:08 PM

    Documentation is a little lacking on how to setup an HDS VSP array for Intellisnap with AIX. Yes, there are some pages with steps to take in the console, but I gather it's not as simple as it sounds. One item we are struggling with specifically is where the raidcom software needs to be installed. We were hoping the client could carry as little software as possible, but it sounds like we need to install both the MA role and raidmanager on the client. Is that the case in practice?

  • Re: HDS Intellisnap with AIX
    Posted: 10-24-2019, 10:07 AM


    The way we have things configured in our environment is that we setup one specific CCI (raidcom) server, per VSP array, to handle all the requests. Everything that will be running through that array utilizes that CCI server. You then edit the configuration for the array, Storage > Array Management so that everything is pointing to the CCI server. On our Media Agents \ VSA proxies we are using HDLM to manage the configuration to the array there but those are really the only items we had to configure. 



  • Re: HDS Intellisnap with AIX
    Posted: 10-24-2019, 10:17 AM

    Thanks for your feedback! I assume you have one specific CCI server per OS flavor that you are running Intellisnap for (Windows, Linux, VMware, etc.)?

    Also, did you *only* create LDEVs that matched the block size of the P-VOLs, or did you also map them to the CCI server before configuring the array in Array Management? Or does Commvault handle mapping the S-VOL LDEVs?


  • Re: HDS Intellisnap with AIX
    Posted: 10-24-2019, 10:46 AM

    We only have a total of two CCI servers one per VSP array. I should add that the only thing we are backing up are VMs some (3000+ VMs in total). I can't imagine that fact would matter whether it be a VM or physical server, but we have not found it necessary to create CCI severs based upon the flavor of the OS it is backing up.

    We actually didn't create any LDEVs as we let Commvault create and delte necesary volumes. The only thing we had to do on our side was to create a TI (Thin Image) pool to be used for the V-VOLS and to set a CU range that would be used to pick the S-VOLs. 




  • Re: HDS Intellisnap with AIX
    Posted: 10-24-2019, 10:50 AM

    So your CCI server is just a Windows server? Have you ever used SI instead of TI?

  • Re: HDS Intellisnap with AIX
    Posted: 10-24-2019, 11:00 AM

    Correct we are just using Windows servers. At one point in time we did try to run Horcm on Cent\OS but that was basically a train wreck. We never could get it to work with any level of consistentancy. 

    We have not used SI as TI is the standard across our entire environment. 

  • Re: HDS Intellisnap with AIX
    Posted: 10-24-2019, 11:10 AM

    Last question (I think!) - do your Windows servers function as the Proxy host for the Backup Copy operation as well? I'm guessing they do since there are APIs to allow Windows to read VMFS.

  • Re: HDS Intellisnap with AIX
    Posted: 10-25-2019, 1:31 AM

    Hi jbs727..

    We use VSPs, Oracle RACs on AIX and Intellisnap. The CCI servers are Wintendo boxes and we're using TI.. These do not do Backup Copies. The IDA seems to dictate on who's selected for backup copying per default.... On Oracle the Backup Copy is done by the source node per default. 

    For SQL Always-On it seems different as the Backup Copy is done by a secondary node per default. This became a problem in my testing as I tested using two SQL nodes which were located on different VSP arrays. This ofc wouldn't work as one array had no idea about snapshots on the other and therefore the secondary node was unable to mount the snaps. For this to work I had to add a small box and have it zoned to both arrays and select this for backup copies. This way it wouldn't matter what SQL node was primary, backup copies would run just fine. (Reverting snaps, now became a little more tricky as I needed to make sure that no one had made a failover within SQL since the snap was taken :-) ) 


    Best regards

    Kim Rubeck



  • Re: HDS Intellisnap with AIX
    Posted: 10-25-2019, 3:46 PM

    Hi Kim,

    Appreciate the info.

    Where did you install raidmanager? Did you install raidmanager on the AIX machines?

    Do you define Array Controllers in the Array Properties of your VSP?

    Do you define the Remote Snap MA in the Snap Configuration?

    We tried defining Array Controllers but it didn't appear to change any operations.

    Right now everything is running through the AIX client where we installed the Intellisnap package, but ideally we want to offload most operations to a dedicated server. We also tried defining the Remote Snap MA but it looks like only one MA can be used, so there is no high availability if that MA goes down.


  • Re: HDS Intellisnap with AIX
    Posted: 10-28-2019, 4:00 AM

    Hi again, jbs727.. 

    First of all, sorry if I'm not using the right terms regarding the VSP storage as I'm no storage admin. Setup of the storage side of things were done by our storage admins. All I got was a Command Device zoned to my MA, where I then installed the HORCM software. In CVLTs Array Management, I then added the VSP array, specified the MA as an Array Controller and as a Remote Snap MA.
    I ofc also specified the path where to find HORCM binaries (C:\HORCM\etc) and the "The CU range to be used to pick S-VOLs (CCI Engines)". This range was ofc provided by the Storage Admins along with SnapPool name and a username/ password pair.

    No non- CVLT software are intalled on the AIX servers...
    CVLTs Intellisnap and MA package are installed on the AIX servers, though. 



  • Re: HDS Intellisnap with AIX
    Posted: 10-28-2019, 11:17 AM

    This is perfect, thank you! One question to clarify - are you only using one Remote Snap MA? What happens if that MA is unavailable for whatever reason?


  • Re: HDS Intellisnap with AIX
    Posted: 10-28-2019, 12:31 PM

    Yes... I'm only using one Remote Snap MA. I asked support if multiple could be specified, and the answer I got was unfortunately "No":-(  I did add a Command Device and installed the HORCM software onto a secoundary MA which I could manually switch to if ever needed..

    Not needed until now, so can't really tell what happens if the primary one becomes unavailable.. 



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