AUX Copy Completed with Errors - Partially Copied - Re-Copy

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  • AUX Copy Completed with Errors - Partially Copied - Re-Copy
    Posted: 12-11-2019, 5:34 PM

    I have AUX Copy for various storage policies. 

    Storage policy 1

    - Copy Primary Disk OK

    - Copy AUX TAPE OK

    Storage policy 2

    - Copy Primary Disk OK

    -  Copy AUX TAPE - Completed with Errors

    One of the Aux Copies completed with Errors and when I go to the AUX Copy (right click) and select view Jobs, I see a bunch of "Partially Copied" jobs. I then selected them all of "partially Copied" jobs and selected Re-Copy. My hope was that all the jobs would become "To be Copied" again, they didnt.

    So now when run the same view jobs, everything now shows as (green) Available and when I right click on the job and select view media, it shows them in the tapes which is expected, but I`m know that the previous tape job for that copy Completed with errors. 

    So my question is, usually when nothing has being copied yet, I would see "To Be Copied" Status. So when I click on the storage policy and run another AUX Copy will that actually re-copy all the jobs I previously selected?

    This is my tape copy and I need to make sure that all data was FULLY copied and not partially. 

    Thanks in advance.

  • Re: AUX Copy Completed with Errors - Partially Copied - Re-Copy
    Posted: 12-17-2019, 7:38 AM

    Hi pereirath

    For Aux Copy as the Jobs are being copied to Tape they will be marked as "Partially Copied" only when all the data is written to Tape then the associated Jobs will be marked as "Available"

    If the Aux Copy did complete with errors you can try to re-run the Aux Copy to see if the initial errors are transient. 

    By selecting jobs for "re-copy" you are choosing to invalidating the data written to Tape, and start a fresh. 

    During the Aux Copy Process the data blocks on disk is read and verified before it is written to Tape. So in saying that during the Aux Copy process you are pretty much doing a verification before it is committed to Tape. 

    Additionally once Data is Aux Copied to Tape you can also opt to do a Job-based Data Verification on Tape (which will take time), which will also re-verify the writtent content on Tape. 

    If you are seeing more errors or Aux Copy "completed with errors", I would recommend to engage Commvault Support to verify further. 

    Note - you also have Incremental DDB Verification which is ran automatically (assuming it is enabled) to also verify the Backup Jobs written to Disk. 

    Overall there are various verification process that runs in Commvault to ensure Backup is correctly written to Disk and Tape.



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