Content Indexing (Activate) and Synthetic Fulls

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  • Content Indexing (Activate) and Synthetic Fulls
    Posted: 02-29-2020, 7:02 PM


    We just recently implemented content indexing as part of Activate. (File search)  Please correct me if I'm mistaken, but it appears that once your initial full has been indexed, subsequent incrementals will be indexed but the weekly synthetic fulls will not be processed at all.  Is this correct?  We have a very large data set so my initial concern was that a single search engine would not be able to keep up with TBs of synthetic fulls every week and that we'd continue to fall behind.  However, after running some initial tests, it appears that the synthetic fulls aren't really processed at all.  I'm guessing that CI is smart enough to realize that all the data in the synthetic fulls have ALREADY been indexed, hence there's no need in spinning cycles to reprocess all the data again.  Can someone please confirm how synthetic fulls are handled with CI?  I'm coming to my conclusion above based on seeing that our weekly CI job finished very quickly, only lists a small fraction of our total object count under Total Items Processed, and that the total data size is no where near the total of all our synthetic fulls.  I did confirm at the storage policy level that all the synthetic fulls have a CI status of Success.  Thanks.

  • Re: Content Indexing (Activate) and Synthetic Fulls
    Posted: 02-29-2020, 8:29 PM

    The Synthetic Full does not add any new content for indexing. Nowadays it is mostly useful for selective copies to external media such as tape, but also has the additional benefit in reducing the number of jobs that need to be replayed during a restore.

  • Re: Content Indexing (Activate) and Synthetic Fulls
    Posted: 02-29-2020, 9:07 PM

    Hi Anthony,

    Does that mean that the CI job totally skips the synthetic fulls and doesn't incur any additonal overhead to process it? (It appears that way)  Originally I had assumed that each week, the CI jobs would still need to ingest/process the synthetic fulls.  I just want to make sure that I'm clear on this.  CV Support gave us the impression that CI would still need to process the synthetic fulls every week.  Thanks.

  • Re: Content Indexing (Activate) and Synthetic Fulls
    Posted: 02-29-2020, 9:34 PM
    Up until recent service packs, new schedules would do an incremental immediately before the Synthetic and now new Synthetic schedules are standalone and can run concurrently. So it is possible depending on how the schedule is set up that CI will pick up the pre-synth incremental, but it won't reprocess the entire content.
  • Re: Content Indexing (Activate) and Synthetic Fulls
    Posted: 03-01-2020, 8:53 AM

    I'm assuming that when you turn on CI for the first time, it will index a synthetic full in order to make sure that all your data is indexed?  Or will it ONLY grab incrementals and/or real fulls. (non-synthetic)?  This is important to understand as we need to make sure that all our data is indexed.  Thank you.

  • Re: Content Indexing (Activate) and Synthetic Fulls
    Posted: 03-01-2020, 4:41 PM

    If for example you had a client you installed a year ago and only ever had an incrementals performed, turning on Content Indexing will result in the same indexing as if you had weekly synthetic fulls. The location of files in the File System protected is the key for the Indexed file.

  • Re: Content Indexing (Activate) and Synthetic Fulls
    Posted: 03-01-2020, 6:38 PM

    If we've been running backups for several years and all we have are synthetic fulls and incrementals, and we only want to process jobs as of TODAY going forward, then it appears that the 1st synthetic full to occur will be processed.  The following week's synthetic will be skipped and only incrementals will be processed going forward.  That seems to be the behavior I'm seeing.  Does this sound like expected behavior?  Thanks.

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