how to visualize the Job performance

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  • how to visualize the Job performance
    Posted: 07-04-2020, 3:10 PM


    Is there any tool — a Commvault tool from the Store or third-party tools — to visualize job performance (for example, let it be a backup job) by plotting a chart from current or historical statistics for the “Current throughtput” characteristic (for example) or any other?

    And not only for backup job but for AUX copy also, espessialy I'd like to have such tool for AUX that is secondary copy for replication to DR-site.

    Best regards,

    Dmitry (Dmytro)

  • Re: how to visualize the Job performance
    Posted: 07-06-2020, 10:40 AM

    Hi Dmitry

    I don't know of any ready report of that kind, but certainly something that would be useful. 

    So far I scheduled a SQL-Query on JMBkpJobInfo Table every x minutes and wrote out the desired info to another table and eventually used that Data in Excel to plot something. Of course you could use the WebReport Builder for that as well. 

    If 15min intervals are sufficient for you the ResourceMonitor-Logs kept on every client may be something to check. JobStreamReader/Writer for example. Log Monitoring Feature can collect those and generate Reports and Plot graphs, though personally havn't found any of the out-of-the-box views useful so far. 

    Hope that helps


  • Re: how to visualize the Job performance
    Posted: 07-06-2020, 6:37 PM

    Hi Stefan,


    Thanks, you really give me some useful ideas.


    Best regards,


  • Re: how to visualize the Job performance
    Posted: 07-07-2020, 3:08 AM

    Hi Dmitry,

    In the Comcell Console > Control Panel within the Monitoring section there is an icon named simply as "R".  

    Not sure which Service Pack/Feature Release version this got added into the Commvault software, but I have managed to find some info in BooksOnline under the Developer Tools section that relates to adding an R server to your Commserve to enable custom report/graphing from datasets at the following link:

    You might also try the "Custom report builder" widget/tile within the Developer Tools section of the Command Center, or create a custom report within the Web Console > Reports interface.

    Don't have experience doing this myself, so best of luck if you decide to pursue any of these options using the online documentation.



  • Re: how to visualize the Job performance
    Posted: 07-07-2020, 3:18 AM
    Hi Michael
    Are there preconfigured Views or Logs for Throughputs over time?
    The Console only lists the latest data-point, as do the Tables I know.
    But what would be interesting is the change over time, say to figure out that a Job running 20h is only boosting the first hours and then drips on using one stream.
    Thanks in advance
  • Re: how to visualize the Job performance
    Posted: 07-07-2020, 3:55 AM

    Hi Stefan,

    Don't know if there are any pre-canned views.

    There is information regarding how to access/view the database schema here:

    This may help with identifying suitable custom datasets.

    Additionally, the documentation page entitled, "Data Sets for Build Your Own Reports" mentions the following:

    "To help you determine which tables or columns to use, we have created a webpage that lists all CommServ database tables, including table and column descriptions. You must have a user account on the Cloud Services website to view this webpage. For instructions, see Getting Access to the Cloud Services Website. To view the webpage, see Commvault Database Tables.

    Alternatively, you can request additional information about the database, views, tables, columns, and values by sending an email to"

    Lastly, there seems to ba a pre-canned REST API Call targeted to Job Operations > POST Job Details which includes "currentAttemptThroughput" and "averageThroughput" as Response Parameters so you should be able to query those specific job metrics at set intervals while a job is active and capture them for creating the report in your preferred visulaization/reporting tool.  For the REST API Reference see:

    Again, all outside my direct experience, but hopefully the above links are useful/relevant to your requirements and lead to something fruitful.

    Best of luck,




  • Re: how to visualize the Job performance
    Posted: 07-07-2020, 4:19 AM
    Hi Michael
    Thanks for the Reply.
    The Database Schema description is rather useless. Does not explain what the Columns or their values mean and contains no info on how the Table-References work. Often it is id->componentNameId, but often enough it is not.In the end it is trial and error and hoping.
    REST API returns the same Info as a DB-Query or Console would deliver, missing piece again is the over-time progress.
    For a helpful graph you'd need values every 15, 5 or 1 minute.
    Personally will stick with Alerts triggering every x minutes, collecting current throughput and writing it to custom table or log-file to manually graph, at least until CV documents a better and easier way.
  • Re: how to visualize the Job performance
    Posted: 07-08-2020, 12:29 AM

    Hi Stefan 

    This might not be what you are exactly loooking for

    For all Backup/Restore operations performance statistics are logged against a log file known as (on the MediaAgent):

    • CVPerfMgr.log -> Backup Operation
    • CVPerfMgrRestore.log -> Restore Operation
    It does contain various fields that could be useful for visulization purpose. 
    Note - the performance statistics are only updated upon completion of a stream or suspension of the Job. 
    If you really want you can also configure Commvault Log Monitoring (
    This will Index on-going logs to an Index Server which can then be used at a later time. 
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