Newbie Question: Backing up the backups

Last post 09-08-2020, 10:06 AM by Dru Albright. 3 replies.
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  • Newbie Question: Backing up the backups
    Posted: 09-03-2020, 4:39 PM

    After starting a new position, I've taken on the task of implementing Commvault 11 into our enterprise with the hope of displacing our patchwork set of backups (which comprise alike, ashampoo and Windows backups).  Commvault's approach takes some adjustment, as it's obviously much bigger in scope and function (and my experience has tended more towards stuff like Veritas' BackupExec).

    I have managed to create a Plan and then execute a Full/Incremental backup of our file server, which is working fine.  What I'd like to do, however, is then copy that backup or export it in some fashion so we can store it offsite.  Currently we are doing that using USB drives attached to our SNAS.  I have modified the Backup Plan to add that storage location, but I don't know how to get it to replicate a full backup there, so that I can reliably send that media offsite for storage.

    Can someone recommend the approach to use or where I should look for configuration options for this scenario?  Once I get this working, then I need to sort out Commvaults very complicated approach to Microsoft Exchange backups. :)


    Thanks for any suggestions.

  • Re: Newbie Question: Backing up the backups
    Posted: 09-03-2020, 11:11 PM

    By default Commvault Command Center Plans will created a Synchronous Copy.  What you want to do is a Selective Copy. 

  • Re: Newbie Question: Backing up the backups
    Posted: 09-04-2020, 11:02 AM

    Thanks, this looks like exactly what I want.  Unfortunately, when I edit my plan in the command center, there is no copy tile, so I can't set it up.  Any idea why I wouldn't have one?  I have a 'backup destinations' section where I added the location I want the copy to go to, but that seems to have only backed up the last incremental backup, not the last full.

    I see 'backup copy' under 'Snapshot Options', but that doesn't let me create a backup copy, merely turn it on or off and change the RPO and snapshot retention values.  Did I misconfigure something elsewhere?




  • Re: Newbie Question: Backing up the backups
    Posted: 09-08-2020, 10:06 AM

    Whlie there wasn't a copy tile per se, there is a 'Backup Destinations' tile and I added a second destination to the removable storage share and set it for 'Full Backups' and it appears to have copied the weekly full backup to that location.

    A follow-on question: it appears that when Commvault runs backups, it's assinging them to a CV_MAGNETIC folder and under that, individual jobs are assigned to V_nn folders, where nn is an incrementing number.  Is this expected behavior?  My assumption here is that it's breaking up the backups into folders that are roughly the equivalent size of a backup magnetic tape, even though we're actually backing up to a SNAS.  Is that controllable behavior?

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