Big Data App Backup not aigin

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  • Big Data App Backup not aigin
    Posted: 09-16-2020, 8:21 AM


    i have a some very old IndexServer Backup that does not aging. Some from 2019.

    StoragePolicy is just 28daays.

    Catalog Retain index for 60 days.

    Any ideas what that could be.



  • Re: Big Data App Backup not aigin
    Posted: 09-21-2020, 3:32 AM

    Hi Springer Christian 

    What Service Pack/Maintenance Release are you on?

    So usually for Index Backup, the system will always keep the latest Active Index, even if no backups have ran to it:

    BOL - 

    The system retains the active index in the MediaAgent's index cache indefinitely so that it can be accessed during operations such as browse and find, and reporting. During data backup jobs, the system writes new action logs into the index, thus keeping the active index continuously updated.

    Note: The system never deletes an active index from the index cache during normal operations. However, if a user deletes a backup set from a client, the system deletes the index associates with that backup set.



  • Re: Big Data App Backup not aigin
    Posted: 09-23-2020, 5:36 AM



    now i'm running on 11.20.6.

    could i find out which abackup set hold the old index cache?



  • Re: Big Data App Backup not aigin
    Posted: 09-23-2020, 11:24 AM


    I assume that there is no valid data that is related to the index?

    I also assume that the pseudoclients where the indexbackupjob is held has no newer backups done? E.G. Backuphistory of that big data app...

    Can you run the Indexstatereport downloadable at,

    you could filter time when last indexbackup was done and state per client, can you share the blurred result?

  • Re: Big Data App Backup not aigin
    Posted: 09-24-2020, 1:53 AM



    just looked at the report the oldest Backup is just 3 day behind.

    also looked at the pseudoclient of the indexbackups it is running every day.

    just holding very old Backup (2019).




  • Re: Big Data App Backup not aigin
    Posted: 09-29-2020, 6:24 AM


    can you try to run the following query on you cs?

    SELECT *
    FROM [Commserv].[dbo].[archFile]
    where jobid = 'your_old_pseudoclient_jobid_here'
    output will generate a table with name of the idxCheckpoint (row: name) which was generated for your jobid. Then look the Identifier up in indexstate report.
  • Re: Big Data App Backup not aigin
    Posted: 09-30-2020, 2:36 AM

    find out the latest Job id 


    Run the query on the CS:

    id	name	commCellId	archGroupId	objName1	flags	appId	fileType	cTime	jobId	backupLevel	isValid	cloudId	contentIndexTime	nPushedItems	cs_afname
    2771769 IdxCheckPoint_58135D09-62EA-4270-B574-BD473A996459:58135D09-62EA-4270-B574-BD473A996459 2 18 N/A 196608 1337 1 1551395435 1041095 1 1 0 0 0 -294846996
    so i seached in the report for: 58135D09-62EA-4270-B574-BD473A996459
    but i could not find anyone...
  • Re: Big Data App Backup not aigin
    Posted: 09-30-2020, 3:14 AM

    so far you found out, that jobid


    has still remainants for a db with the identifier 

    if you do the query:
    SELECT *
    FROM [Commserv].[dbo].[archFile]
    where name like '%58135D09-62EA-4270-B574-BD473A996459%'
    you can see the latest 3 versions of the index backup of that particular client....
    however, as you're pointing out, that those data has to be deleted, I Assume a bug.
    run this query, find out which Client is the db from, and have a look, if that client really does not have a valid job:
    SELECT TOP (1000)

    FROM App_IndexDBInfo appi with (NOLOCK)
    ON appi.backupsetid =
    On A.backupSet =
    ON = A.clientId

    where dbname
    Like '58135D09-62EA-4270-B574-BD473A996459'
    if the client has valid backupjobs, then it should remain. If the Server is terminated and there is still a retention on the job, than you also have to keep those pieces of Indexbackup.
    Just in case there is no valid backup, i assume the tidyup of Index V2 does not work (In our Env as well it does not).
    As at this point I always open cases, I recommend to do so as well.
  • Re: Big Data App Backup not aigin
    Posted: 10-13-2020, 2:39 AM


    in the meantime I was told that the following: "Age Backupset Checkpoint when all the data in those checkpoint have aged"

    is coming in FR22 - Thinking this will touch your environment as well.



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